WPS Training Programs

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Creating a Culture of Accountability

Principles of a Respectful Workplace

How to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Navigating the Waves of Change

How to Short-Circuit Stress

Effective Leadership 101

  • Six Elements of Effective Communication
  • The Art of Active Listening
  • Key Elements for Non-Defensive Communication
  • The Art of Having Difficult Conversations
  • Presentation Skills
Workplace Issues
  • Proven Principles for Winning Teams
  • Principles of a Respectful Workplace
  • How to Stop and Prevent Sexual Harassment
Sensitive Workplace Issue
  • How to Move From Conflict to Win/Win Solutions
  • How to Handle Anger — Yours and Others’
  • Tips to Deal with the Difficult Behavior of Others
  • Ways to Cope with Grief and Loss 
  • Generational Difference - Tips to Thrive
  • Violence in the Workplace Awareness
Customer Service
  • Proven Ways to Gain Customers for Life
  • Phone Power — Skills that Make a Difference
  • How to Raise the Bar to Service Excellence
  • Practical Tips to Handle Complaints & Angry Customers
  • The Magic of Balancing Work and Family
  • How to Short-Circuit Stress
  • Eldercare - Caring for Your Loved Ones
  • Domestic Abuse Awareness and Prevention
  • Smoking Cessation
  • How to Have and Project a Positive Attitude
  • Stress Management
  • Substance Abuse at Work - It’s Everyone’s Problem
Supervisory Skill Basics
  • Listen Up Leaders; the Buck Stops with You
  • Six Core Skill Sets for Effective Supervision
  • How to Manage Diverse Personalities and Styles
  • Practical Ways to Improve Employee Motivation
  • Conflict Management and Problem-Solving
  • Promoted, Now What?  Successful Transition Strategies for the New Supervisor
Performance Management
  • The Art of Giving Positive and Corrective Feedback
  • How to Deal with Disgruntled and Difficult Employees
  • Coaching for Success and Improved Performance
  • Performance Reviews - Best Practices for Success
Communication For Leaders
  • Six-Point Plan for Communicating Effectively
  • How to Mediate Conflict Between Coworkers
  • The Art of Having Difficult Conversations
  • The Magic of Productive Meetings
  • Problem Solving Techniques that Work
Workplace Dynamics For Leaders
  • Sexual Harassment — What Leaders Need to Know
  • How to Effectively Initiate Change in the Workplace
  • How to Mastermind a Respectful Workplace
  • Violence in the Workplace Protection Strategies
Substance Abuse at Work
  • Substance Abuse at Work – It’s Everyone’s Problem
  • Reasonable Cause DOT Drug & Alcohol Training
  • Reasonable Cause NON-DOT Drug & Alcohol Training
  • DER — Designated Employee Representative Training

Our trainings range from one hour workshops to day-long seminars and are custom designed to meet the needs of your team, department, or organization. 

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